DJ Michael "El Rumbero" - Fotos

Here you'll find some Fotos of DJ Michael and friends.

DJ Ronny

With my best friend DJ Ronny

Eddie Palmieri

With Eddie Palmieri

Julian and Jose von La Excelencia

With Julian Silva und Josť Vazquez-Cofresi
Founder and Bandleader of La Excelencia

La Excelencia

With La Excelencia

Jimmy Bosch

With Jimmy Bosch

Cano Estremera

With Cano Estremera ( Singer of Bobby Valentin)

George Delgado

With George Delgado ( Conga player of Eddie Palmieri and SHO )

Grupo Latin Vibe

With Tommy, Tito and Awilda of Grupo Latin Vibe


mit Cubanoson's Papo Ortega

Wayne Gorbea

With Wayne Gorbea

Nelson Gonzales

With Nelson Gonzales (Tres-Player)

Luigi Texidor

Another legend: Luigi Texidor
singer of Sonora Poncena, Bobby Valentin ...

Alfredo De La Fe

mit Alfredo De La Fe ( Legend on the violin - e.g. with Fania All Stars )


With the Timba star Paulito

Luisito Quintero

With Luisito Quintero ( Former Timbalero of Oscar D' Leon, now Timbalero of Jimmy Bosch, SHO )

Jerry Galante

With Salsa-Star Jerry Galante and my friend Ronny

Marco Bermudez

With Marco Bermudez Singer of SHO and Jovenes Del Barrio

Ronny Baro

With Ronnie Baró of Africando

Adalberto Alvarez

With Adalberto Alvarez


With Manolito Simonet and his singer Sixto "El Indio" Llorente
(Manolito Y Su Trabuco)

Ruben Rodriguez

with Ruben Rodriguez
"It's the bass player who drives the band ..."
( SHO, Jimmy Bosch, Luis Enrique ...)
he plays bass with all these Stars

Martin Cohen - LP

With Martin Cohen - Founder and owner of LP ( Latin Percussion )
More about Martin

Carlos Konig

Musician, dance instructor in New York and
a good friend: Carlos Konig

Jimmy Anton

Another New York dance instructor: Jimmy Anton
His Social (every 2. sunday) is a famous event worldwide

Luis Vazquez

With Luis Vazquez ( dancer from L.A. )

Super Mario

With the dancers Super Mario and Manuel Mascarell...

Pedro Gomez

.. and Izzy and Pedro Gomez

Henry Knowles

With DJ Henry Knowles

Alberto Torres

With Albert Torres (L.A.)

Sergio Bofill

With Sergio Bofill (on the left side - former owner of Caiman Records)
in his New York department store ( G.B. Records )
My friend Jojakim (on the right side)

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